In order to be admitted as a member, the applicant must comply with the following knowledge and practical experience.
  • Academic requirements:
Applicants must have obtained a University degree. Such degree must include subjects at the following NQF Levels:
      • Financial Accounting NQF 7
      • Taxation NQF 7
      • Auditing or Internal Auditing NQF 7
      • Cost and Management Accounting NQF 6
      • Commercial and Business Law NQF 6
      • or such subjects which in the opinion of Council are significantly similar to the above subjects and NQF levels
  • Practical experience:
  • Applicants must be in possession of a Practical Experience Certificate issued by the Institute.
  • Applicants, who at the time of application are practising members in good standing at SAIPA or ICAN, are exempted from the Practical Experience Certificate.
  • Applicants who have satisfied the academic and practical requirements will be required to demonstrate their ability to apply their academic and practical knowledge to an evaluation panel appointed by Council.
  • Upon the recommendation of such evaluation panel and fulfilment of all other entrance requirements, Council may admit the applicant as a Member.
  • It is required that all Practicing Members acquire Professional Indemnity insurance for not less than N$ 1,000,000 or such other amount as may be prescribed. Failing the submission of such proof within the specified period, the membership may be revoked.
  • It is required that all Members shall comply with the CPD requirements.
  • It is required that all members will be subject to a Practice Support Visit